Exchange EDB repair software

EDB Repair Kit helps to recover of Exchange server data after serious data corruption accidents. Program helps repair EDB file data damages.

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How to repair EDB file of Microsoft Exchange Server database

Modified on 01/01/2019

The repairing of corrupted EDB file of Microsoft Exchange Server database - step-by-step instruction:

  1. Download EDB Repair Kit here:
  2. Install EDB Repair Kit
  3. Start EDB Repair Kit
  4. Select version of source *.edb file if it possible
  5. Press Next
  6. Select corrupted database *.edb file and press Next
  7. View the data found in the corrupted database
  8. Select mailboxes, folders and objects (messages, contacts and so on) for a saving
  9. Select target folder to recover data
  10. Press Recover button

Repair EDB file

Exchange EDB repair tools

EDB Repair Kit is an end-to-end Exchange EDB repair tool covering every aspect of Exchange data recovery and offering nearly complete automation of the process. The program relies on a fast and highly efficient engine developed by Repair Kit for its new line of recovery products and is capable of restoring data from the most severely damaged Exchange databases. This EDB Exchange repair tool makes no distinction between the causes of data corruption and is equally efficient in situations with files damaged after a hardware failure, a power shortage, OS crashes, virus attacks and users' own experiments with unfamiliar software. In order to make this Exchange .edb repair tool a great fit for everyone, we equipped it with a simple wizard-based interface that has a minimum of control elements and allows the user to click through the recovery procedure as quickly as possible. Thanks to an integrated preview module, users can see the contents of a damaged database and select particular folders for subsequent recovery.

This Exchange EDB repair software extracts all standard Exchange items, including messages, attachments, tasks, notes and contacts, and supports two output modes: saving to a PST file or a series of files of the MSG format on the user's hard drive. The first mode enables you to quickly connect the PST file to Outlook and access your emails within the shortest time possible. The second mode works best for archiving, email migration or other non-urgent purposes.

EDB Repair Kit helps repair EDB file data in various situations, including those where alternative solutions fail to produce any result. During recovery, the program never modifies the structure or content of damaged source files, and users can always resort to other Exchange EDB repair tools, if necessary.

Exchange .EDB repair tool

EDB Repair Kit is a perfect solution for professionals and regular users who need a single affordable tool for one-time and regular recovery. Apart from cost saving, this Exchange EDB repair tool saves professionals the trouble of having to find, select and contract external recovery service providers and wait for them to get the job done. With EDB Repair Kit, the right toolset is on their fingertips!

Below are some of the most notable features of EDB Repair Kit:

  • Support of a broad range of Microsoft Exchange Server databases: 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and later ones.
  • Excellent recovery efficiency in the worst cases of database corruption
  • A powerful data recovery core outperforming all of the current competitors.
  • An integrated database browser that makes it easy to choose the elements to be restored.
  • A clear and straightforward wizard-based interface
  • Support of EDB files of any size
  • Recovery of all key elements of an Exchange database: messages with attachments, contacts, tasks, etc.
EDB Exchange repair tool

This EDB Exchange repair tool has an extremely compact installation file and requires no additional components for its operation. The demo version of the tool can be downloaded free of charge from the official site of Repair Kit.

System requirements:Windows 98 and above

Customer's reviews and ratings
Good! 2018-08-30


Wills Santos 2016-07-13

My .edb file of Exchange Server was repaired in 2 weeks: toooooo loooong...

Jacob 2015-01-11

Good EDB -> PST conversion tool.

Alex 2012-11-10

It was very very hard: mailboxes from .edb file was extracted in 3 days.

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